School Rules and Regulations


The school rules and regulations which must be observed by jj the students are as follows:


1. All students should attend school and classes regularly and punctually.

2. School starts at 7.30am, morning assembly is at 8:00am, lessons start at 8:30am

3. The School should be notified in writing in case of illness.

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4. The school uniform must be kept neat and tidy always.

5. Girls may plait or weave their hair without artificial attachments. Use of cosmetics is not allowed. Boys must have their hair decently cut. Beards and mustaches are not allowed.

6. Girls may wear small earrings. Bracelets and neck-chains are prohibited for boys and girls.

7. Black Shoes, black belts and white socks are to be worn.


8. Students are expected to behave, politely and responsibly at all times.

9. Stealing, pick pocketing are serious offences.

10. Noise making is prohibited.

11. Every student must have his/her own text books and materials.

Lending and borrowing are not allowed.

12. Going out from the school premises during school hours is not allowed except with permission from the Principal or Vice Principal and with an exit permit.

13. Sick students are to report to the school nurse or the nearest teacher.

14. Students should not bring more than N300 to school. When more, it should be kept with the class/subject teacher. The school will not take responsibility for loss of money/items.

15. Students are not allowed to receive visitors during school hours. Visitors should report at the office of the Vice-Principal.

16. Snacks/lunch must be eaten in the dining area, not in the classroom, subject room, library or laboratory.

17. Smoking and consumption of alcohol are illegal.

18. Students should not deface or tear library books. Noise making is not allowed in the library.

19. Videotapes, Walkman, Audio-tapes, Hand sets, compact discs ipod and indecent literature should not be brought to the school as the items would be confiscated.

20. All students should immediately return to their classes when break is over.

21. Except for afternoon lessons organized by the school, students should leave for home shortly after closing at 3.15p.m.

22. Students must deliver to their parents Newsletters, report sheets and any letter given to them for their parents.

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23. Students are to handle their chairs and lockers with care. All damages to school property will be charged against the offending student.

24. Students should not interfere with or damage items such as taps, closets, wash basins, electrical fittings, louver blades, plugs, etc. Guilty students will be severely punished and made to bear the cost of repairs.


25. Sweeping and cleaning of the classrooms must be done daily closing hours. All students should sweep the class when it is their turn to do so.

26. AH waste materials like ice cream wrappers, tissue papers, polythene wrappers, etc are to be dropped in the litter-drums. There are litter drums placed strategically all over the compound.

27. Students should keep off the lawns and flowerbeds. The flowers should not be cut.

28. Toilets should be used decently without urinating or excreting on the floor. Used sanitary towels should not be thrown in the closets.

29. Defacing or writing on the wall with any type of material is a very serious offence.


30. All students are to join at least one club ¡n the school and be actively involved.

31. All students are to take part in sports activities.


32. Absolute silence should be maintained inside and around the examinations halls.

33. Do not bring any textbook, notes or pieces of paper of any sort into the examination room.

34. Do not assault or threaten the invigilator. Any student found guilty of examination malpractice will be suspended from school for one session, and or repeat the clan

35. Submit yourself for a search. The attention of all candidates and parents is drawn to Decree 20 of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

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