The Principal’s Welcome Address

Principal’s Welcome Address

International School, University of Lagos, otherwise known as ISL, was founded on November 9th, 1981 as a day school and has educated many generations of young men and women.

It is a school rich in tradition and talents, handed down to us through the dedication and vision of our predecessors which continue to inspire us today. To the above extent, I wish to recognize the valuable contributions of my predecessors in office, to the growth and development of the school since inception:

Rev. A.O. Adekola (Late): Principal: 1981 – 1986
Dr. E.O. Fagbamiye (Late): Administrator: 1987 – 1988
Mr. D.B. Ajayi (Late): Principal: 1988 – 1992
Mrs. O.A. Peters: Principal: 1992 – 1996
Prof. Mrs. M.O. Ogunlesi: Interim Principal: July – November 1996

Mr. Nuhu Hassan: Principal: November 1996 – September 2008
Dr. S.A. Oladipo: Acting Principal: September 2008 – August 2011
Mrs. Adora E. Ojo: Principal: September 2011 – August 2017

To date, staff and students continuously strive for improvement in academic excellence and this makes the school a most sought-after by parents/guardians, for their children’s/wards’ secondary school education. I am glad to state that we have a proud tradition of academic excellence in ISL.

We pride ourselves on the strong relationships that exist between our enthusiastic students, supportive parents/guardians along with the professionalism and dedication of our staff, to ensure a holistic education for all our students.

We encourage our students to actively participate in all areas of school life in order to help them achieve their full potential. In doing so, we strive to create a caring and supportive environment where all students are known, valued and respected.

There are a large number of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities in which all students are encouraged to participate. Student leadership and student voice are very important in the daily life of our school. In sports, we are doing really well; we hold our inter-house sports annually where our students excitedly exhibit their sporting skills. Our major strength as a school in the area of sports is particularly in basketball in which the school has won so many laurels. Also our football teams are equally doing well.

Co-curricular activities that are available here in ISL include Literary and Debating, Athletics, Youth-Help-Youth and many more.

If you ever have a concern, feel free to communicate directly with any staff member, this is the first line of communication in the complaint procedure. Sometimes, parents are worried that speaking directly to a staff member will somehow negatively impact their child or their own relationship with that staff member. Rest assured that speaking directly with someone is the best and most positive path toward change and understanding. Your perspectives and willingness to engage in meaningful dialogue help us all become closer to our ideal selves.

I wish to overtly here appreciate the efforts of the alumni of this noble school. They are highly successful people in their various professional callings and have simply been wonderful. They show so much interest in giving back to their alma mata. The manifestation of this giving back is evident in the following recently completed projects for the school:

1987 graduating class: In collaboration with the 1986 and 1992 graduating classes: Renovation and upgrade of the Computer Laboratory and donation of 12units of desktop computers.
1988 graduating class: Renovation of the Fine Arts Studio
1989 and 1994 graduating classes: Renovation of the Junior Library and equipping same with furniture and books.
1990 graduating class: Renovation of the Chemistry Laboratory
1991 graduating class: Renovation of the Physics Laboratory
1993 graduating class:
i. Donation of Whiteboards to all 48 classrooms in the school
ii. Painting of all 48 classrooms
iii. Celebration of teachers who have served 25 years and above in the school
1996 graduating class constructed the walkway from classrooms to the kiosk
1998 graduating class: Renovation of the Basic Science Laboratory
1999 graduating class:
i. Donation of a new school gate
ii. Donation of a new signage
iii. Donation of sports equipment
iv. Celebration of Mrs. A.O. Adebayo (English Language teacher) and Coach Earnest Ijeoma at their 20th Anniversary Dinner at Radisson Blu Hotel, Ikeja on Sunday, 22nd December, 2019.

The various alumni sets are deeply appreciated and may your light continue to glow.
As Principal here in ISL, my door is always open to staff, students, parents, alumni and visitors for further engagements.

Mr. K.O. Amusan